Points You Should Have Knowledge Of Tiramisu - A Real Italian Cake

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Points You Should Have Knowledge Of Tiramisu - A Real Italian Cake

There is some debate among food historians when this dessert was initially invented. The most common stories states that Francesca Valori invented this Italian dessert three decades ago and the dessert was named after her maiden name that has been Tiramisu. Giuseppe Di Clemente can be regarded as the primary inventors with this luscious concoction in 1971. While others claim that the dessert was mentioned as a layered dessert in an language of ancient greece cookbook. This dessert can be referred to as a "Tuscan Trifle" which was invented from the Italian province of Tuscany and it was a popular dessert of many Venice courtesans that needed a "pick me up" in between clients.

The original recipe for Tiramisu only necessary a custard type filling. Not until recent years was mascarpone cheese added to the filling. This sort of cheese is a triple-creme cheese which is created from cow's milk. These cows are fed a unique diet of grasses that have herbs and flowers. By feeding the cows this provides the mascarpone cheese a fresh taste. By having the mascarpone cheese to the filling, is claimed so it can have a whole new and light-weight taste.

The filling for Tiramisu can contain up to dozen raw egg yolks which might be whipped with sugar. Because the onslaught of many having to worry with eating raw eggs that could contain salmonella, many who prepare this dessert prefer to temper the eggs yolks and sugar. As a way to cook the egg yolk without becoming scrambled eggs, the yolks are whipped with the sugar using a double boiler. This helps to kill any bacteria how the egg yolks may have.

The texture of Tiramisu is light and creamy which has a delicate flavor. Even if this cake looks like a dense dessert, lots of people are amazed at the lighter then air texture. The sponge cake like ladyfingers which might be layered throughout the dessert provides a nice contrast on the creamy filling. Many find this Italian cake a nice change from traditional heavier cakes when eaten for dessert. As a result Tiramisu a great Italian ending to your meal.

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